8 Free Tools to Become a Facebook Marketing Boss

8 Free Tools to Become a Facebook Marketing Boss

Free Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook is a powerful way to leverage your business online, increase customer engagement and spread awareness of your brand. Utilized correctly, Facebook can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. Check out these free Facebook marketing tools to help you make the most of your business page.

  1. Woobox (Free/Paid Upgrade)
    Woobox is a free tool that allows you to add cool features to your Facebook page, like a Pinterest or Twitter app which shows your activity on those social medias. In the free version you can use the following  features: HTML fangate (input your own custom HTML page), Tab for Twitter, Instagram Tab, Pinterest Tab, Youtube Tab and Pick a Winner. In the paid version you get all the free features plus access to Sweepstakes, Polls, Pin to Win, Rewards, Coupons, Brackets, Leaderboard, Prize Claim, Photo/Video Contests, Deals, Poll Posts, Quizzes, Instant Wins and Group Deals. If you have a clever web designer though you can do a lot of the paid features using the custom HTML page (or try Tab Fusion). Check out Woobox here.
  2. AgoraPulse Marketing Tools (Free Version)
    AgoraPulse is social media marketing company, but they offer a few free tools. Their free tools include a Facebook page barometer to gauge how your page(s) are performing, a Timeline Contest Manager and Facebook Marketing University, which offers videos to learn how to use Facebook. Check out AgoraPulse here.
  3. Hootsuite (Free/Paid Versions)
    Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage all your postings to various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can schedule out all of your posts or have Hootsuite auto schedule it for you. You can add up to the three social media accounts in the free version and more in the paid version. In the paid version you can do a bit more like adding your own custom vanity URLs for their URL shortener instead of the standard ow.ly links. Check out Hootsuite here.
  4. Facebook Debugger (Free)
    The Facebook Debugger is a free tool offered by Facebook itself to let you know how your site appears with it’s OpenGraph data markup. If you’re not sure what that means, check out this article.  Check out the Facebook Debugger here.
  5. Facebook Page Manager App (Free)
    The Facebook page manager app is a free app that allows you to check your Facebook pages and get real time notifications. This is a great tool if you’re on the go a lot but still need to keep track of what’s happening on your pages. Get the app for Android phones here. Get the app for iPhones here.
  6. Facebook Audience Insights (Free)
    If you plan on advertising on Facebook then you’ll definitely want to consult the Facebook Audience Insights page. This a free tool from Facebook that allows you to find out more about your potential advertising audience. You can play around with the settings to figure out how many people you can reach in a certain demographic or geographic area. Check out the Facebook Audience Insights page here.
  7. Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer  (Free)
    Headlines are extremely important because they are what grab people’s attentions when they are viewing all the posts on their Facebook timelines. If your going to be sharing your blog posts on Facebook often then it’s a good idea to run your headlines through this tool. The most effective headlines are those that use power or emotional words. The Headline Analyzer takes a look at your headlines and analyzes them based on scientifically proven research. Check it out here.
  8. TabFusion’s Tab Maker (Free)
    I mentioned earlier that Woobox allows you to add a custom HTML page to your Facebook page. Tab Maker allows you to create the HTML code for a custom tab through a simple editor that almost anyone can use. You can save the code and input it into a Woobox tab.  Check out Tab Maker here.

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